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Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments and “cover man” in the media, visited Comillas


The person that many media moguls consider to be the best boss in the United States, Dan Price, CEO of the company Gravity Payments, visited Comillas ICADE and ICADE Business School to give a lecture on business, leadership, the management of people and entrepreneurship to an audience of over one hundred people, mostly undergraduate and graduate students. Price jumped to the forefront of the media in April by raising his employees' salaries in 2015 to $70,000 per year and reducing his own salary from $1 million to $70,000 a year. In the opinion of José María Pérez Garrido, director of ICADE Business School, "it was a very bold decision that made public opinion see how the economic activity of a company should be carried out".

This US businessman - who founded his company at 19 years of age - gave a very participative talk, in which the students asked about the feasibility of giving an equal raise in salary to all employees despite different degrees of talent and about their theory of happiness and the $70,000 figure. "For every dollar more that is earned from that figure, one´s standard of living does not improve substantially, but every dollar earned less than that figure affects one´s standard of living and happiness very significantly," he said during his speech.


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