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Se ha firmado un convenio para patrocinar un TFG de la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales


Los investigadores se integrarán en el programa de doctorado CETIS

El profesor Adam Dubin participó en una conferencia sobre educación global en EE.UU. 


Este verano los estudiantes de E-1, E-3 y E-5 podrán hacer sus prácticas en Europa y América

Diez de ellas están entre las cincuenta mejores del país

Professor Adam Dubin returns to China to teach a class at the Chinese University of Politics and Law

The Seminar "The New Regime for Challenging Social Agreements" is the scene for the re-launching of the Garrigues Chair for the Modernization of Company Law

Abel Veiga and Miguel Martínez participated for the second time in the 16th Harvard-Complutense Conference

Un profesor de Comillas ICADE participa en un congreso sobre pobreza infantil organizado por UNICEF en Nigeria

More than 50 candidates sat for the exams

A new course at ICADE Law Clinic is inaugurated

 Los profesores Javier Alonso Madrigal y Alan Dubin viajaron a Qatar, Japón y Nueva Zelanda para entrevistarse con los responsables de los centros más prestigiosos



The researchers will be integrated into the CETIS PhD program

Students will travel to the USA., Chile, London,, Paris and Brussels

The list recognizes the work of Spanish and Portuguese lawyers, and is drawn up by more than 500 lawyers

Eduardo Gómez Casado studied E-3

This figure represents practically half of those who passed the exam

Its mission will be to promote the study of the Spanish tax framework with the aim of contributing to its improvement and clarification

The awards were sponsored for the first time by Banco Santander

The program is taught with the collaboration of Iberdrola and the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

The lawyer Gonzalo Jiménez-Blanco, the CEO of Vocento, Luis Enríquez, and the manager Kibo Ventures are the recipients of the awards

Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments and “cover man” in the media, visited Comillas

The postgraduate course officially accredits, according to the latest Technical Guide 4/2017, to advise clients on investment products and services

The university is a founding partner of the Alastria Consortium, an initiative formed by banks, energy companies, law firms and educational entities

Abel Veiga and Miguel Martínez analyzed the rating of banks as de facto administrators in refinancing processes

Pablo Sanz travelled to Seoul to speak on the impact of new technologies on the financial sector

In this course there are students from the United States, China, Poland or Denmark

Pablo Sanz and Adam Dubin participated in the International Summer School at this Chinese University

The website todojuristas.com points out the prestige and the degree of internationalization of the University

Four students obtained the double-degree with Tulane University

La revista Forbes ha elegido el postgrado de Comillas como Mejor Programa de Formación

Clear language is a challenge for Society in the 21st Century

Blanca Sáenz de Santa María translated “Contractualist Remnants and Federal Structure of the Constitution of the United States”

Undergraduate students taught seminars on the legal modification of the ability to act

Alejo Vidal-Quadras, former Vice-President of the European Parliament, visits Comillas ICADE

Both institutions share their interest in social justice

Comillas ICADE and Diamond Films Spain agree on a project to promote the knowledge of Law through film premiers

More than 30% of the new diplomats are graduates of Comillas ICADE

In total, twelve students received awards in the Faculty of Law

The objective is to acquire skills in fiscal matters for decision-making

The work of Salomé Adroher is recognized in the coordination of the childhood protection system

A research project by Miriam Rollón studies “Shopper Marketing” in the alcoholic drinks sector

Four students represented the Faculty of Law

Iñigo Barranco was recognized for the best Transcript of Grades, and María Soledad Ortega and Sandra Calvo, for their projects

Irene Mira, a student in the Undergraduate Degree in Business Administration and Management, won the first prize

Comillas ICADE has been a part of this network for more than 25 years

The awards are sponsored by six of the most prestigious Law Offices in Spain

This dual degree combines innovative training in Business Analytics with solid foundations of Law

This dual degree combines innovative training in Business Analytics with solid foundations of Law

The Faculty of Law (ICADE) got off to a successful start in number of applications and the grade point average of students admitted to the program for the first course of the new program E-3 Analytics, which combines the “Grado en Análisis de Negocios / Business Analytics y el Grado en Derecho” (Undergraduate Degree in Business / Business Analytics and the Undergraduate Degree in Law). This dual degree guarantees, during its five school years in duration, an innovative, exhaustive and a well-rounded education in the area of Business Analytics, as well as in all of the legal components which are considered fundamental to an Undergraduate Degree in Law.

José María Ruiz de Huidobro es un reconocido experto en inmigración

Han participado docentes de Comillas y otras universidades, y profesionales en ejercicio

Salomé Adroher was recognized for her work as the general manager of "Servicios a las Familias y a la Infancia" (Family and Childhood Services)

Lourdes Mateo is currently studying in the Master's Degree Program for Access to the Legal Profession

The Entrepreneurs Club of the Everis - Comillas Fintech Observatory is presented

The work by Pablo Hernández González-Barreda was selected as the best in the area of fiscal issues

The youngest State Attorney ever is an alumni of Comillas ICADE

A large number of students from the Faculty of Law (ICADE) participated in the event

This Law Firm recognizes the efforts and the excellence of a student who stands out in the Master´s Degree Program in Access to the Legal Profession

Minister De Guindos expressed optimism on the future of the Spanish Economy at the closing presentation of the Deusto Business School and ICADE Business School Programs for Entrepreneurship

Adam Dubin y Pablo Hernández are teaching Law courses on the Summer Program at this Chinese University

Three alumni are among the ten best corporate lawyers in Spain at the “Premios Expansión Jurídico” (Expansión Newspaper Legal Awards)

The MBA in the Global Energy Industry, taught jointly by the three institutions, has been selected in the category of Talent Development

 Rafael Hernández received the first prize, and Cristina Escalona won the third prize

Juan Carlos Rodríguez Ibarra participated in one of the lunches offered by Deusto Business School and ICADE Business Schoo

This year the students were from the United States, Venezuela, Spain, France and Italy

Jaime Aguilera, President of Unilever España, participated in the new session of the PLPE, and the PLCE at Deusto Business School and ICADE Business School

Javier Alberite received an honorable mention in the category of Best Orator

Bruno Martín Baumeister is a specialist in Banking and Corporate Law

Andrea García Castelao studied Law and Business Administration and Management (E-3)

Federico de Montalvo spoke at the World Meeting of National Committees on Bioethics in the German capital

The total number of candidates who passed the exam was twenty-four

Bankiter and ICADE Business School analyzed the relationship between innovation, talent and business

Sandra Moraleda Fernández is a Fourth Year student of Business Administration and Management

Profesores de ICADE Business School y Deusto Business School analizan los programas de PP, PSOE, Ciudadanos y Podemos

Professors from ICADE Business School and Deusto Business School analyze the platforms of the PP, PSOE, "Ciudadanos" and "Podemos" political parties

Marta Muñiz receives the Award for Academic Talent

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