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On October 25TH, he organizes the Migration Seminar and the Shelter for Refugees and Displaced Persons for the first session in our university. This information is related to Jennifer Zuppiroli from the NGO Salvemos a los niños.

Together with Paloma Torres López and Gustavo Zaragoza, Jennifer Zuppiroli has carried out a study and published a report on the situation of these under-aged, which can be found at the following link: https://www.savethechildren.es/sites/default/files/imce /los_mas_solos_vok.pdf

In Spain, the NGO Save the Children wants to make everyone reflect on this topic and they suggest ways to improve the immigration reception system and end the abuses in a moment where we are receiving more immigrants every year and the respect of their Human Rights is being questioned

Link to the talk: https://tv.comillas.edu/media/Seminario+C%C3%A1tedra+de+Refugiados.+25+10+2018/0_hjs6h5fr/104782222

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